Annual Mint Set 2020
Endangered Irish Wildflowers
REF : 2397
2020 Annual Mint Set Endangered Irish Wildflowers


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This Annual Mint Set is designed to celebrate three small treasures.These are not jewels like diamonds in a precious necklace, but in a way they are much more significant. Every plant and animal on this planet has its part to play, creating and maintaining the delicate ecosystem, which unfortunately we find slipping away at a rather alarming rate.Three flowers, three fragile little lives on the brink of extinction. Their names are poetry in themselves – Pyramidal bugle, Marsh saxifrage and Meadow saffron. Such demure and hardworking plants are crucial to holding back the effects of our current environmental crisis, but they in turn are now in danger. Each flower, with its own distinct personality and each with its own role in protecting our ecosystem, must be protected now to keep the world tomorrow as diverse and fascinating as the one we inhabit today. The 2020 set comes in a beautifully designed presentation wallet and features colourful imagery of beautiful Irish wildflowers. This set makes a unique gift or collector’s item. The Central Bank’s Annual Mint Set has an issuance limit of 8,000. This set will include all Irish coin denominations from 1c to €2 in brilliant uncirculated quality, dated and sealed within the wallet for protection.
Featured Product Yes
Quality Mint
Year 2020
Metal Non-precious
Denomination 3.88
Issue limit 8000