Aran Islands
Annual Mint Set 2007
REF : 1352
Celebrating Ireland's Heritage
The Irish 2007 Uncirculated Coin Set is produced by The Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland in collaboration with the Office of Public Works and the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The set continues the series paying tribute to Ireland’s heritage sites and this year features the magnificent Dún Aonghasa and the Aran Islands with an attractive and informative display folder. Enclosed within the folder, protected from handling, are the eight Irish euro coins from the 1 cent through to the €2. Each of the coins bear the year date 2007. Collectors will note that this year, to mark the expansion of the European Union, the coins bear a revised map of Europe on their reverse. Dún Aonghasa (the fort of Aonghus), is a spectacular stone fort sited on the highest point of the cliffs of the southern coastline of Inishmore. It dates back over two and a half thousand years and commands an unrestricted view down the west coast of Ireland. Dun Aonghasa is one of the most important and distinctive ancient sites of Ireland. First enclosed c. 1100BC the hillfort covers an area of 5.7 hectares and is divided into an outer, middle and inner enclosure by three curvilinear walls terminating at the cliff. At the heart of the fort, situated right on the cliff edge is a rock platform, which formed the focal point in the rituals and lives of those who dwelt there. Outside the middle enclosure is a broad band of chevaux de frise (closely-set stone pillars), a deterrent to would-be invaders and even today it is difficult to negotiate. Situated on the west coast of Ireland, at the very edge of Europe, are three Islands rich in the language, culture and heritage of Ireland and unique in their geology and archaeology. The largest island is Inishmore, the middle and second largest is Inishmaan and the smallest and most eastern is Inisheer. A land of patchwork fields, weathered monuments and sheer cliffs, the Islands have an abundance of wildlife and over 400 varieties of wild flowers. Irish is the spoken language on all three islands.
Featured Product No
Quality Mint
Year 2007
Metal Non-precious
Denomination 3.88
Issue limit 20000