Casino in Marino
Annual Mint Set 2003
REF : 1110_73
Celebrating Ireland's Heritage
The Irish 2003 Uncirculated Coin Set is the first of a series of coin sets to be produced by the Central Bank of Ireland in collaboration with Dúchas, The Heritage Service in Ireland. Dúchas, The Heritage Service, are responsible for many of Ireland’s national monuments, parks, gardens and nature reserves, and it is intended to feature a selection of heritage sites on coins over the coming years. This set pays tribute to Ireland’s architectural heritage and in particular the Casino in Marino, Dublin. The Casino (‘small house’) is an architectural gem, small in scale, perfect in detail and proportion. It was designed by Sir William Chambers and building commenced about 1759. Following extensive restoration, the Casino is now under the care of Dúchas, The Heritage Service, and is open to the public. The 2003 Uncirculated Coin Set contains the eight Irish euro circulating coins from the 1 cent through to the €2 in an attractive and informative display folder.
Featured Product No
Quality Mint
Year 2003
Metal Non-precious
Denomination 3.88
Issue limit 30000