Annual Mint Set 2012
REF : 1916
Celebrating Native Irish Dogs


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There are many breeds of dog which are native to Ireland, most of which were originally bred for hunting or sporting purposes. Intelligent and hardworking, these breeds include the Irish Terrier, Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Setters, the Kerry Blue and the Wheaten Terrier. Perhaps though, the most well known of Irish breeds is the massive, majestic Irish Wolfhound which has become an instantly recognisable symbol of Ireland. The Central Bank of Ireland is issuing a three year series of Euro coin packs honouring the animals of Irish coinage. For 2012, the third in the series, the featured animal is the hound. The Irish 2012 Uncirculated Euro Coin Set is an attractive and informative display folder featuring beautiful images of Irish dog breeds. Enclosed within the folder, protected from handling, are the eight Irish euro coins from the 1 cent through to the €2. Each of the coins bears the year date 2012. This colourful presentation folder is a perfect gift for coin collectors and dog lovers alike.
Featured Product No
Quality Mint
Year 2012
Metal Non-precious
Denomination 3.88
Issue limit 17000