St Brendan the Navigator
€10 Silver Proof Coin 2011
REF : 1894p
Celebrating European Explorers: The Voyage of St Brendan
Saint Brendan, an early Irish saint, was born around 484 AD in South West Ireland. He is immortalised in legend for an incredible journey across the Atlantic in search of Paradise. Saint Brendan and up to sixty pilgrims set out on their epic journey in a curragh, a wood-framed boat covered in sewn ox-hides. Their quest took them across the treacherous seas of the Atlantic to reach the Land of Promise. It is believed that it took Saint Brendan over seven years to complete his journey visiting Iceland and Greenland before reaching the Americas. Along the way Saint Brendan is said to have stopped off on a small island to celebrate Easter Mass. The pilgrims lit a fire upon the island only for them to learn that the island was an enormous sea creature! Saint Brendan is remembered today as the Patron Saint of mariners and seafarers. The Central Bank of Ireland celebrates the legendary voyage of St Brendan with the issue of a very special Silver Proof coin. The design for the coin has been selected from a National Coin Design Competition and is the work of Mr. Michael Guilfoyle. The design depicts St Brendan and his group of monks sailing West across the Atlantic towards the Americas. The rolling waves of the Atlantic have been stylised to form a traditional Irish interwoven pattern reflecting St Brendan’s Irish heritage. Other elements of the Legend of St Brendan have been added to the design to further tell the story of his epic voyage, the whale’s tail and the volcano both allude to incidents and sights recorded in the story of St Brendan’s voyage to the Americas. The stars above the boat allude to early navigation methods whilst also signifying this coin’s celebration of European explorers. ---Michael Guilfoyle
Featured Product No
Quality Proof
Year 2011
Metal Sterling Silver
Coin Weight 28.28
Denomination 10
Fineness 0.925
Issue limit 15000
Designer Reverse Michael Guilfoyle