In order to become a registered wholesaler, you must complete and submit the Application Form to Become a Registered Wholesaler. You will be required to provide your company name and registered VAT number in this form.

After completion and submission, you must then allow for a maximum period of 5 business days before you receive confirmation that you have been registered as a wholesaler. You cannot purchase coin as a registered wholesaler until you receive this confirmation.

What benefits are available to me as a registered wholesaler?

Once registered as a wholesaler the following benefits will apply to your company:

  1. Price Incentives: price incentives will be offered to registered wholesalers based on quantities of coin purchased.
  2. Payment Methods: As well as the traditional payment method offered as a regular customer there will be the additional option of paying by bank transfer.
  3. Pre-Order: all registered wholesalers will receive the wholesaler newsletter prior to the launch of a new product detailing upcoming products and pricing.
  4. Additional Shipping Options: all registered wholesalers will be given an additional fulfilment option of arranging collection.
  5. Check-Out: Faster check-out for registered wholesalers thanks to pre-populated delivery / billing information.