Foireann na Bliana (Náisiún Oileánda
Tithe Solais & Garda Cósta) 2017
REF : 2378
Celebrating Ireland's Maritime Tradition


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As an island nation, Ireland has a long maritime history. The 2017 Ireland Uncirculated Euro Coin Set pays tribute to Irish Lighthouses and the Irish Coast Guard. Each of the coins in the 2017 Uncirculated Euro Coin Set are a higher quality than the coins in your pocket and this set includes all of the Irish coin denominations dated 2017. The 2017 Euro coins are sealed within the wallet for protection ensuring that this Euro Coin Set will remain a keepsake long into the future. The presentation wallet and outer slipcase beautifully illustrate Ireland’s marine flora and fauna. This is a perfect memento of Irish coins in 2017 and ideal as a gift for young collectors or for overseas friends and family.
Featured Product No
Cáilíocht Mint
Bliain 2017
Miotal Non-precious
Denomination 3.88
Teorainn Eisiúna 8000