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Battle of Clontarf €20 Gold Proof Coin 2014

Battle of Clontarf €20 Gold Proof Coin 2014
  • Commemorating the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf
  • Features a carved portrayal of Brian Boru, the famous High King of Ireland
  • Enclosed within its own elegant presentation case
  • Issue limited to 12,000 pieces
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Two centuries before the Battle of Clontarf, Norsemen arrived in Ireland and gradually established settlements around Ireland. High King of Ireland Brian Boru from Munster had defeated the Viking armies in several battles. Mael Mordha, the king of Leinster had joined forces with the Vikings, including the leader of the Dublin Vikings, Sigtrygg Silkbeard, to challenge Brian Boru’s authority. Brian and his army set off towards Dublin to quell the challenge. The opposing forces met on Good Friday 23 April 1014 and the result was the bloodiest day in ancient Ireland. King Brian’s army routed Mael Mordha’s army of Leinster men and Vikings and drove the fleeing Vikings back towards the sea at Clontarf. According to legend, as the victorious King Brian knelt praying in his tent, the Viking Brodir ran into Brian’s tent slaying the King with his axe. The Battle of Clontarf left Ireland in political stalemate. Brian Boru was dead, and his passing had a major impact. He had united Ireland in a way that had never been seen before - a huge achievement. However, the Dublin Vikings continued to prosper economically after Clontarf and in time a new Hiberno-Norse culture was achieved. These historic limited issue €20 collector coins have been struck to the highest proof quality in .999 Fine Gold. The reverse of the coin features a carved portrayal of Brian Boru – the victor in the battle for the High Kingship of Ireland. The design is by Irish sculptor Noel Hoare. The obverse of the coin bears the traditional representation of the Irish harp, known as the Brian Boru Harp. These historic €20 collector coins are beautifully minted and are a fitting tribute to celebrate the 1000th Anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf. Each coin is struck to proof quality in .999 fine gold and is enclosed within its own elegant presentation case. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity testifying to the low issue limit accompanies each coin. This commemorative issue is limited to 12,000 gold coins. These miniature gold coins will be treasured by all who own them. The coin’s designer, Noel Hoare, graduated from the National College of Art, Dublin in 1965, with an honours diploma in sculpture. Noel later qualified as an art teacher and built a reputation in the Dublin art scene. “When I entered the Battle of Clontarf coin competition I came to the conclusion that a coin similar to the coins of the period would be suitable. The Greek period to the middle ages I find interesting for their sculptural qualities. Inspired by these old coins, I sculpted an angled view of Brian Boru’s head. To achieve the sculptural effect I decided to carve these in low relief. The natural quality of the pale limestone I used lends itself to reproduce the sculptural quality of the coins I admire.”

Article number IE2236
Featured product No
Product Quality Proof
Year 2014
Metal Gold
Coin Weight 0.5g
Denomination 20
Fineness 0.999
Issue Limit 12,000
Designer Reverse Noel Hoare