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A coin - the perfect gift for every occasion

Why give a coin or coinset as a gift for

  • Birthday 

  • Wedding 

  • Christening 

  • New Year 

  • Easter 

  • Christmas 

  • First Communion 

  • Confirmation 

  • Graduation 

  • Valentine's Day 

  • Mother's Day 

  • Father's Day 

  • Retirement 

A coin or coinset is a unique, timeless gift. Whether it is somebody who is interested in the particular theme of the coin or somebody who is interested in art and craft or precious metals or whether you would just like an unusual gift for that special person, the gift of a precious coin is the perfect way to mark that special occasion. Coins are a great investment and can be passed from generation to generation offering lasting value for money. We have coins and coinsets in different price ranges catering for every budget and different themes and metals catering for different interests and tastes.

Have you ever had to get a present for somebody and you just don’t know what to get them? A beautiful proof coin or coinset is the answer.

Please browse our products via year of occasion or particular interest/theme or coin type to select the most suitable gift.

We have annual mint sets and baby sets each year and we also have a selection of proof silver and gold coins and coinsets which would make a very prestigious gift to mark that special occasion.

All coins feature the year of production making them an excellent way to capture a moment in time.